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Safe Strip 1 Gallon - Stain Stripper

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Gemini Injectable Safe-Strip removes semi-transparent stains and wood sealers by dissolving old finishes. New technology allows Gemini Injectable Safe-Strip to be applied with either a pressure washer or diluted for use with a deck sprayer.

Safe Strip Stain Stripper

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  • Safe Strip Stain Stripper



  • New application technology allowing pressure washer injection
  • Removes oil-based and water-based semi-transparent stains and sealers
  • Restores weathered wood to natural color
  • 100% Biodegradable – will not harm plants or pets
  • Does not contain chlorine bleach that may damage wood fibers
  • Use on all exterior wood surfaces including decks, fences and fascia

Surface Preparation:


1. Put injector hose into undiluted Injectable Safe-Strip container. Inject desired working area (200-300 sq. ft. recommended). Injector ratio 12:1 or lower.

2. Although Injectable Safe-Strip has little or no dwell time, 5 minutes of product working time is recommended. Pressure wash working area thoroughly.


1. Pour Injectable Safe-Strip into container. Add 4 parts water (1 gallon makes 5 gallons, 5 gallons makes 25 gallons). Apply liberally to wood surfaces. Best application results are with a TWP® Deck Sprayer. After application, always keep working area moist during surface preparation.

2. Once applied you may begin to scrub (NO SCRUBBING NECESSARY WITH USE OF PRESSURE WASHER). When scrubbing applied area, use synthetic, stiff bristle brush; do not use a wire or natural bristle brush.

3. Rinse thoroughly with hose or pressure washer. A pressure washer will show the best results.

* Use caution when using Safe Strip. Wet surfaces will be slippery.

Coverage Rate: Approximately 500-1000 square feet per gallon.

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